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Poker myths that seem to never die

Check out our list with the biggest lies about qiuqiu99 and poker games. Find out which the most popular poker myths are and why poker players believe in them.

The worst thing that can happen to a poker player is living in a lie that something is right, but eventually to let this lie destroy his game and even put on risk his budget. Poker myths are among those lies that might not directly influence on your poker strategy. However, they do have their negative side on your attitude to gambling and playing poker. This is why it’s time to end up with them. And the only to do so is to mention them. Please, meet the poker myths that seem to never die…

  • There’s no practice without involving real money. Why? We really don’t understand why so many people claim such a thing. Free poker mode is actually a wonderful alternative for novices in the field who haven’t played the game ever before.
  • If you have the talent, you will eventually have it all. At one hand, some people believe that skills determine the end of the poker game. Nothing else. However, you will agree that there are a lot of poker gurus, who don’t win every tournament, right? There are a lot of losses for them, too. On the other side, there are “specialists” who claim that a poker player is born, but not made. Believing in destiny, though, is a very negative approach into playing the poker game.
  • Poker is nothing else, but gambling. Poker is a part of today’s gambling offline and online world. Poker is indeed a significant part of the casino room. However, did you know that poker has been officially declared for a sport discipline in some countries? And more – did you know that poker is one of the oldest card games ever, when money was not involved in it? Last, but not least, don’t forget that poker is not like slots. In slots, you should only gamble. In poker, you should also think.
  • Math geniuses are the best poker players. First of all, we don’t believe that mathematicians are so keen in poker. They have quite different spheres of interest. Second of all, it’s proven that strategies like counting cards and considering the possible hands of the opponents is not only about mathematics. If we should be specific, these tactics are even more similar to statistics rather than to mathematics.
  • All poker players bluff and they bluff a lot. Not every poker game is suitable to bluff. For instance, in qiuqiu99 it’s not recommended to bluff. In video poker, you cannot bluff at all as you are playing with the computer. Last, but not least, even poker formats like Omaha and Texas Hold Em have their gurus who say that bluffing is not healthy at all. Sometimes, it’s ok to bluff, but in most of the cases, it’s not recommended.

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