Jackpots For Online Slots

4 Types Of Jackpots For Online Slots You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you looking for the best online slot jackpot? This article provides information on the different types of jackpots for online slots available for you. 

Why does traffic on online casino games increasing day by day? Is it because of the comfort and accessibility? Or is it because of the number of available games for the players on these websites? 

One of the prime reasons for increased demand for online slot casino games is jackpots and winning prizes. People like to play these online casino games to earn jackpots with minimum chances.

What are the Different Types of Jackpots for Online Slot Games?

What came to your mind when you heard the word ‘jackpot’ in the casino? You imagine a good amount of money or chips or huge winning prizes. However, every player should know about different types of jackpots if they are playing online slot games. 

  • Fixed Jackpots 

Fix Jackpots are also known as cash pot jackpots. It is specialized for those slot machines whose jackpot amount will not increase even if several users are trying to win it. 

Fixed jackpots contain the highest possible prizes in the online slot machine games, which makes it too difficult for the players to win. 

The players have to put high wager for big jackpots like fixed jackpots. 

  • Progressive Jackpots 

The progressive jackpot means the price of the jackpot increases according to the player’s bet. The jackpot price rises after each spin, so if you want to win more jackpots, then play more rounds in slot games. 

Progressive jackpots attract many players as they keep their bet high after each round and increase by the end of every round. A portion of the best from the players is added to the jackpots. 

Three basic progressive jackpots are found in online slot games: Easy jackpot, No-Deposit jackpot, and Dragon jackpot.

  • Local Jackpot

These jackpots come from accumulated payout by the player’s bet on the online platform and local land-based casino. Specific casinos organize local jackpots only with specific slot machines. 

Local jackpots have a lower monetary amount than the progressive jackpot, with a payout of $400-$5000. The odds of winning the local jackpot are high as compared to others. 

  • Network Jackpot

Network jackpots are the minimum amount of jackpots that players can win on the online platform. Multi-way jackpots are like network jackpot, but it gives more benefits to the player. You can win more amounts in the jackpot if you have selected the right jackpot settings and chosen the right game. 

Some other jackpots also available on the online slot game are Mystery jackpots and linked jackpots.

Final Words

As you have seen, the types of jackpot that every player can find in online slot games. Now, it’s up to you which jackpot you should go for to win good prizes worth your efforts and time. The easiest way to find out is to play and win in online slot games. 

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